Friday, 9 March 2012

Go Feminine this Weekend for International Women's Day

Fleur of England SS12 "Love" - Image from

As yesterday was International Women's Day, my focus for lingerie this week is girly, girly and more girly! Whip crackers and bondage lovers don't be put off! This is feminine lingerie for the modern woman.

I'm a major black lingerie fiend but that doesn't mean I'm not seduced by pretty, feminine lingerie too! In my opinion, feminine lingerie should comprise of soft colours, silks, satins and dainty detailing but it should also be daring and sexy. I don't want to look like a Damsel in Distress, I want my knickers to be a reflection of the bold, sexual being I may or may not wish I was...
Sure everyone loves a cute ruffle but why not hide a peep hole underneath? And yes satin bows are beautiful but can I make it double up as a blindold?
So this week, as we celebrate women worldwide, here's to the creative minds behind the lingerie that allows us ladies to show off our female power! Here are some examples:

Fred & Ginger SS12 - Image from The Lingerie Insight

This body suit is a perfect example of balancing girly with sexy! The feminine bow and pastel pink colour are so pretty while the open back and sheer fabric add that little edge.

I.D Sarrieri SS12 - Image from
 This set by I.D. Sarrieri has the lace and colour of a pastel princess and the seductive shape of a sexy siren!

Vannina Vesperini SS12 - Image from
What sets this gorgeous thing apart is that although pink, it's a bold pink and the lime green lace across the cups and the centre of the knicker adds another element of the daring.

Whatever your feminine style, have a lovely women's weekend!

- Booty

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