Friday, 2 March 2012

Pick of the week - Lucile: Monarchy in knickers

'Queen of Spain' Long Silk Gown

I've mentioned Lucile's AW12 collection previously as I was fortunate enough to see it at the Cirque Du Soir catwalk event (You can read that post here) but I couldn't resist sharing some more photos.

'Queen of Spain' Balcony Bra with High Waist Briefs

'Queen of Spain' Balcony Bra with Mini Brief

 The collection - inspired by the designs of Lady Duff Gordon and more specifically her famous clients The Queen of Spain and The Duchess of Warwick - is a beautiful mix of feminine silks, delicate lace and bold colour. My favourites are among the Queen of Spain collection. Deep scarlet silk is overlayed with black floral lace with an effect that really is stunning.
It is also refreshing to see gowns and robes that share a characteristic that is perhaps overlooked in modern fashion trends - they are long! The really breath-taking pieces are the floor length, sumptuous gowns with oversized tie ups.
The whole lovely collection is coming soon on the Lucile website. Images from the Lucile Pinterest.

Georgette Full Length Gown
- Booty

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